Paper packaging supplies is where Jeannette Paper started. We have come a long way from simple glass and steel interleaving papers, though we still supply many of those original products.

Paper Packaging Products Include:

Kraft Rolls and Sheets - all basis weights and sizes, special grades, pH controlled

Corrugated Rolls and Sheets - all flutes

Single Face Rolls and Sheets

Fan Fold Corrugated Papers

Kraft and White Wrapping Papers

Newsprint - rolls and sheets, interleaving

Bogus Papers - all basis weights, sheeted, die-cut, pH controlled

Metal and Glass Interleaving Papers - all basis weights, sizes, and finishes

Paper Bags - all types, weights, multiwall, valve, kraft, cloth

Waterproof Paper Rolls and Sheets - asphaltic and non-asphaltic, plain or reinforced, printed, poly-coated, creped, rust inhibitors

Paper Tissue Rolls and Sheets - white, kraft, waxed, anti-tarnish

Paper Tubes and Cores - all sizes

Gift Wrap and Gift Tissue - plain, printed, specialty, custom

JPCO specializes in paper packaging products, from stock rolls to custom specialty papers.

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