Jeannette Paper provides the widest range of packaging products in the industry. We are a one-stop-shop for plant shipping departments. We stock many standard supplies but can design and supply customized packaging products and equipment.

Packaging Products Include:

Paper Products - kraft and white wrapping papers, kraft rolls, waxed papers, sheets, pads

Shipping Supplies - labels, strapping, stretch/shrink films, envelopes, tapes, tags, knives, markers, scissors, adhesives, twine, tape and paper dispensers

Cornerboards - edge protection for pallets, angleboard, plain or printed

Strap Guards - seal protectors

Plastic Angle Board

Indented Chipboard - dimple wrap rolls and sheets, pads, die-cuts, pH controlled, all weights and sizes

Hard Finish Chipboard - pasted or solid, all finishes and calipers

Steel Packer Board - coil separators

Insulation Board

Combination Board - insulation, corrugated, chipboard

Edge Guard Board for Metal Coils

Corrguated Coil Protectors/Donuts

Corrugated Rolls and Sheets - all flutes, regular, heavy duty, flexible

Single Face Sheets

Pallets - wood, plastic, drum containment

There is no limit to the types of packaging products JPCO can supply.

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